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We offer a reliable virtual medical consultation from a group of specialists who respond in an agile and personalized manner to resolve all your health related issues and ailments. Use our online service to consult for the first symptoms or receive our guidance in the prevention and discomfort caused by allergies, insect bites, headaches and etc…

Our team consists of experts with various backgrounds and specialties. They have demonstrated professional experience in their respective fields and strive to maintain a high level of competence through continued medical education (CME) to enhance their knowledge and expertise. Our medical team respects the right to anonymity and confidentiality of the users. All communication between users and healthcare professionals is monitored and secure.

We provide accurate medical information and, if necessary, referral to the attending physician, healthcare professional or in case of an emergency to the nearest hospital/medical center. The primary goal of AccuDocx is to provide reliable medical information to the people and connect them with qualified healthcare professionals for assistance.

We know that many people are often confronted with medical conditions which can at times lead to complications due to lack of medical information (embarrassing questions and misunderstood explanations). This is why we quickly connect you to a healthcare professional and enable you to get reliable answers of all your questions and concerns.

Consulting a doctor on the Internet instead of hanging around on the forums is the best way to go, so sign-up today and give us a try.