Telemedicine offers immediate access to doctors who provide practical, non-urgent medical care through a computer, a mobile device or a telephone. This service does not replace the care of your primary physician. Telemedicine should not be used if you need emergency care or a biometric exam (such as BMI [body mass index] or blood pressure control), or if your care needs a review of your medical records or x-rays.

AccuDocx telemedicine is used when:

  • If you have a medical condition that is not emergency, such as flu and colds, allergies, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, urinary infections, respiratory infections, ear infection and many others.
  • If you need a specialist: Our online doctors can recommend you to what kind of specialist to contact you and advise you on how to proceed with the treatment of your disease.
  • If you are traveling: AccuDocx takes care of you, wherever you are.
  • If you have an emergency you should call the local emergency number or go to an emergency center.

Healthcare professionals registered at AccuDocx treat a wide range of condition including flu and colds, bronchitis, muscle and joint pain, allergies, skin irritations, eye irritation, urinary infection, respiratory infection and ear infection.

When choosing your doctor, you will have the option to select a specific doctor or one who is available at the time that suits you best, alternatively the doctor on call will attend to you.

The consultations last around  10 – 15 minutes for physical and 20 to 30 minutes for psychological, for psychology, diets and nutrition.

The camera is of great help so that the doctor can see you and make a complete diagnosis, however, it is not essential. You can either talk or chat with the doctor and he/she will treat you in the same way.

The data stored in our system consists of identifiable patient information. For greater security, it is archived in storage media that has a guaranteed 7-year life on average.

If you need laboratory tests, the online doctor will notify you and send you the instructions via e-mail. When you have the results of your exams, share them with the doctor and consult again for their review.

Our team is made up of a selective group of multilingual health professionals (English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi) form around the world with our board certifications from top universities.

By asking the right questions, with a medical history and, if necessary, with designated test results, the doctor can also diagnose patients through a video conference.

You can consult your doctor in any commonly used browser such as (Chrome, Explorer or Firefox).