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We understand legal texts are sometimes confusing, unclear and too lengthy. We are confident that you will feel comfortable sharing your data with us, but we want to make sure you understand our data processing practices. This is an extract of our privacy policy, intended to give you a general overview of our data processing practices. Please make sure you read the full version of AccuDocx Privacy Policy before consenting to our services as it includes more detailed information.  


By accepting the Privacy Policy, you consent to the collection and usage of your data as stated therein, so please read it carefully.


Aside from the technical and analytical data, we also collect data you voluntarily provide to us (‘’Profile Data’’) for the purposes of our services, namely your full name, year of birth, gender, e-mail address, location, health metrics from third parties you authorize to disclose the data to us, daily feeling and Chat Data (information you provide via our Symptom Checker).


We use your data to enable you to use our services, namely Symptom Checker, Health Tracker, Goals, Library, educational quizzes, health information and third party services via AccuDocx Platform. We do not share any of your Profile Data with any of our Partners and we use IP addresses strictly for the purposes of our services. We use the information we collect with the help of our analytics providers to constantly improve our services and make them better for you. We chose our providers carefully and we set the most restrictive controls they offer to ensure they do not use your data for any purposes other than providing the services to us.


The AccuDocx  App will ask you various questions to calculate the most likely conditions based on your Profile Data and the information you report. To ensure your anonymity, we store the Chat Data and your Profile Data in a separate database, meaning that whatever you type into our chatbot is not connected to information that could personally identify you. With the help of the AccuDocx identifier, we can use the Chat and Profile Data (including age and location, but not your name or email) for internal analytics and research to improve our services and symptom checker’s calculation algorithms in an anonymized way.  


If you decide to use any of our affiliated/partner company’s platform, you will leave our services and be redirected to that providers’ services. Please be aware that by doing so, your data processing will be governed by that provider’s Privacy Policies. Please read the links available in the AccuDocx Privacy Policy before you start using any third party services.


You can use our service with various messengers such as Google FCM Services, Sinch and by doing so, your data processing shall also be governed by the privacy policies of those Company’s you accepted when registering for our service, so please read those carefully before you start using such services.  


We follow generally accepted industry standards and internal procedures to protect information submitted to us, during transmission, storing and processing. We store your information for as long as needed to provide our Service.


We make sure we do not collect more information than is needed to provide our service and we strive to limit our providers to do so as well. We have integrated protocols to allow us to process your data in an anonymized way, but you are always free to opt-out of the information collection by not using our service. You can deactivate local notifications by changing the notification settings in accordance with the instructions of the operating system running on your device.  


We are committed to keeping your data accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can request that we correct or delete the data if we are not required to retain such data by law or for legitimate business purposes. To make such request or ask us about the privacy policy please send us an email to care@accudocx.com


AccuDocx provides useful health information and health tips, based on the internal research and findings. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Before acting on any of the information provided through our platform, including referrals to third party services, consult with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or the 911 emergency services immediately. AccuDocx is not liable for any end user’s decision made solely on the information provided by this service or the lack of it. AccuDocx does not provide medical diagnosis or treatment, but rather health information that enables users to decide on appropriate further actions or omissions, which must be prescribed by professional medical services. Information provided through AccuDocx cannot be used for babies, children under the age of 10, pregnant women, people on immune-suppressive treatment and people with long-term conditions such as, but not limited to diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc…